Our Perfect ‘Secco

Earlier this month we talked about the growing popularity and success of draft wine as an option for bars and restaurants. Draft wine is, despite its detractors, a cheaper, environmentally friendlier, and just as tasty – if not tastier! – version of its snobby bottled cousin. 

DrinksWorks is proud to offer our light sparkling Italian Secco. Hailing from the San Martino Vineyard in Italy’s Veneto region and made from the Glera (prosecco) grape, it’s recognisable by its light straw colour, delicate fruity aroma and flavour, and superb taste. Vinification of the ‘secco takes place in special stainless steel vats using the Charmat method, which preserves both the fruit and the freshness of the wine.

This ‘secco is the perfect wine for restaurants, bars, country clubs, hotels, and everything in between! Unlike a typical bottle of sparkling wine, once opened it stays fresh for 4-6 weeks, and remains fresh for 9-12 months unopened.

Our kegged ‘secco comes with a host of advantages when it comes to serving, too. It’s perfect for both large functions and behind-the-bar work with cocktails. There’s no time lost for your staff in opening bottles, corking after service, or going back and forth for new bottles; equally, no returning heavy stainless steel kegs after functions. Additionally, there’s a new point of service available for your staff and your customers: behind the bar, where our wine on tap option will make everyone happy!

DrinksWorks’ Secco on tap is the smart choice for canny customers – so get in touch with one of our account managers today!