Introducing… The Works

What are the Works?

The Works are our specialist range of drinks. Though we never skimp on quality for any of our products, The Works Range are the physical embodiment of our new company: stylish, high quality, and – we think – delicious. The Works use the highest quality, UK grown ingredients to create a great Cola, Lemonade, and Tonic for the discerning tongue. Perfect for high end bars and cocktails, The Works Range makes sure that your fancy cocktails aren’t discredited by a sub-standard mixer, and are the perfect refreshment to serve with a fine lunch.

Let’s get down to the nitty gritty then – what is the difference between the Works and other syrups?

Simply put, the Works are completely free of any unnatural additives. They use 100% UK beet sugar, and are free of both flavour and colour enhancers.

We’ve made a conscious choice with all of our products to avoid the Southhampton Six, additives which have been linked to hyperactiveness in children and which can easily be avoided, with a completely natural alternative to each. Similarly, we no longer use aspartame, a sweetener that has come under attack in recent years for potential side effects. It’s a contentious issue and a complicated one, but at DrinksWorks we’ve decided to both play it safe and embrace the delicious and healthy alternatives to such unnecessary additives.

When it comes to the Works we’ve expanded that ethos even further, making an effort to create a range of drinks that use natural ingredients and colourants exclusively to create a refreshing and delicious drink.

And it’s been specially made by a group of mixologists to ensure that it’s the perfect mixer to use in cocktails and standard bar drinks, with flavours that will subtly enhance and improve your bar’s favourite cocktails!

Keep an eye on future blog entries for some delicious cocktail and mocktail recipes using the Works!