Introducing… Lovely Drinks

With the grey dawn of winter upon us, it seems about the right time to talk about our exciting new partnership with Lovely Drinks, makers of fresh and delicious juices and other soft drinks!

Lovely Drinks is an award winning local drinks producer who make all of their drinks by hand just outside of Bristol. They rely on a winning combination of high quality ingredients, including elderflowers, lemon, fresh ginger, and pressed West Country apples. They don’t use any  artificial flavourings or concentrates, and with drinks ranging from sweeter to sharper there’s something to suit every customer. It’s easy to see why they’ve won 11 Great Taste Awards over the last five years! We spoke to Victoria Earle, one of the founders of Lovely Drinks, to talk about what exactly makes Lovely Drinks great.

DrinksWorks: What Makes Lovely Drinks special?

Victoria Earle: Lovely Drinks are special because they are made with very high quality ingredients, which we source locally or within the UK wherever possible. They are also unusual as we don’t use many ingredients – we like keeping things simple – and that’s why they have a clean and fresh flavour. They also contain no concentrates or artificial flavouring. And 11 of our 14 flavours have won Great Taste Awards!

DW: What’s been your favourite memory of working there so far?

VE: My favourite memory was a couple of years when we moved the business out of our kitchen and into a commercial unit. That was when we knew our drinks-making hobby had found its feet and become a proper business. It was a very exciting moment.

DW: What’s your favourite drink?

VE: My favourite drink is Elderflower & Rose (which will soon be available as a post-mix syrup). I also love the Elderflower Presse. Rick’s favourite is the Ginger Beer. It has a good kick and sells incredibly well in the colder months.

We’re delighted to be supplying the Lovely Drinks Garden Lemonade, Ginger Beer, and Elderflower Presse all year round. We also have seasonal offers, as Lovely Drinks love to use whatever the harvest is providing to create their delicious juices. Please get in touch with an account manager today to find out what Lovely Drinks are offering at the moment! Give us a call on 0117 982 4742.