Happy new year!

Hello and Happy New Year to all our customers, curious persons, and friends!

We hope you’re enjoying the start of 2015 as much as we are. 2014 was a big year for us – we made the change from Ben Shaws Western to DrinksWorks, the logical next step in our journey as the South West dispense specialists. You can read more about our history here, but suffice it to say that it’s been a big year, with a complete brand overhaul and a new approach to both our products and our customers. However, we’ve kept the same core values and we’re still the same family run business, and with so many familiar customers from so many years of working in Bristol and the South West, we like to think we’ve given our familiar face just a slight make over!

In 2015, we aim to keep providing you with the same great service and products that you’re used to. But we’re also always looking to the horizon for how we can do more for our customers and for their customers. Make sure to keep an eye out in 2015 for:

– New exciting products, either through our partnerships with great suppliers like Lovely Drinks or of our own design

– An expanding delivery area, as we move further into Cardiff and explore more of the south west (and, perhaps, more…)

– And more!

And as ever, we’d love to know what you think! Please do send us your feedback, ideas, what works for you, and what doesn’t – and let us know if we can help you with any of YOUR resolutions!