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Summer Soft Drinks: Room to push

It’s hard to believe it on a grey day like this, but summer is just around the corner, and with summer comes an influx of new customers into pubs and bars across the country. 

For many, there’s nothing that can compete with a tall cold pint or a crisp glass of white in those hot summer months – and here at DrinksWorks we’re especially partial to some lovely sparkling secco –  but increasingly British non-drinkers are looking for something more interesting than a carton of orange juice plunked down beside the beers. In fact, soft drinks are tipped to be on the edge of a renaissance in the UK, particularly soft drinks that offer two key things: health and an adult choice.

Mintel global drinks analyst Jonny Forsyth said: “It’s less about healthiness and more about premium adult soft drinks. The real push this summer will be on natural tastes, and mature taste profiles.”

And there’s room to push. A study from data analyst agency CGA has found that Britons spend £27.5bn per year when out socialising, but soft drinks only make up 15% of this. It’s sure that this isn’t a deliberate choice on consumers behalf, but rather than pubs and bars are not pushing soft drinks or providing the right type for their customers to choose from.

A lot of DrinksWorks customers have found that having DrinksWorks’ easy equipment – which we’ve written about here – on hand makes the difference in pushing those extra drinks. It’s all very well to have the right products – we do! – but bar staff are busy people: their handling time needs to be reduced and their job made easier. DrinksWorks equipment is intuitive and simple, and we have a staff of engineers on call should you need any help with it. That means that it’s easy to both pick the right products and dispense them. We don’t call ourselves the drinks dispensing experts of the south west for nothing!

It would be foolish to let this summer pass by without getting in on the soft drinks craze set to sweep the UK. Give us a call on 0117 982 4742 and ensure that you’re on top of this trend, and not beneath it.