summer drinks

New trends in summer drinking

There are people whose job is to analyse and predict trends in British drinking for every summer. Personally, we prefer to chat to our customers – there’s not much a bartender can’t tell you – and their customers to see what people are enjoying, but that doesn’t mean it’s not handy to get an official opinion now and then.

The two buzzwords for this summer are undeniably “health” and “flavour”. The health kick is nothing new: since the 90s, consumers have been looking for low-cal options and steering clear of potentially dangerous ingredients. That’s something we take seriously – which is why DrinksWorks values its diet options and consciously sources products that are entirely free of aspartame and the Southampton Six.

Dave Turner, trade communications manager at Coca-Cola, says, “Consumers want a ‘special’ drink that differs from what they might have day to day.” This further complements the quote we drew attention to last week, when Mintel global drinks analyst Jonny Forsyth drew attention to the “natural tastes, and mature taste profiles” that adults are drawn to. It’s clear that a diet coke on ice is no longer good enough.

A good alternative is our range of Signature Fruit Juices, offering much more than the standard apple and orange – customers have raved about our summery orange and passionfruit, apple and raspberry, and apple and mango mixtures. Similarly, Lovely Drinks provides a gorgeous selection of seasonal drinks beloved by consumers of all ages.

Bars and pubs might also, studies have suggested, start looking at more interesting varieties of cocktail and mocktails. Our drinks on tap provide a wealth of easy opportunities to maximise your offer – call us on 0117 982 4742 today to chat to an account manager about your options.