How to survive your summer alcohol free

There are many reasons to go alcohol-free for a couple of months. Health. Wealth. Maybe it’s something personal, or maybe you’re just looking for a challenge. Whatever the case, thousands of Brits every year find themselves staring down the barrel of three long, hot months without the sweet succour of a cool beer. But a teetotaller summer, far from being a slog, can be a great way to enjoy all of the joys of British summer without worrying about dehydration or the dreaded hangover the next day.

Keep calm and remember DrinksWorks’s Top Three Tips on staying sober over the summer.

Don’t Worry About Pubs

One of the main concerns about taking on a teetotaller lifestyle might be how you’re going to hang out with your mates. After all, there’s almost no better place to spend a warm British evening than in some friendly beer garden, the light dappled green and yellow, the smokers tucked off in their corner, and bands ranging from “astonishingly good” to “entertainingly awful” raging away inside.

But pubs nowadays are not just the domain of the drinker. Most pubs will have a great range of colasjuices, and tonics for the most sugary sweet tooth to the bitterest beer-hound. Ask your bartender for recommendations, pick your tipple, and then go out and enjoy the summer evening with your friends… with the smug knowledge that you’re not half as likely to be embarrassed in the morning.

Get Fancy

But staying sober doesn’t mean you have to stick to simple drinks. We’ve already written about new trends in summer drinking, that cater to a sophisticated palate and decidedly adult taste. This has extended to a range of non-alcoholic options.

In particular, we’d suggest you get your local looking into mocktails. And we’d cheekily suggest that they use our Works range – the finest mixes for the finest drinks. Who says staying sober has to be boring?

Think About How Much Money You’re Saving

Look, we love ourselves a tipple, but it does add up. Keep an eye on your wallet and notice how thick it stays… it’ll raise your spirits much higher than a shot ever could!