A Very DrinksWorks Christmas

It’s December at last, which means at DrinksWorks we’ve dusted off our Christmas Tree, pulled out the tinsel, and started in on the hefty responsibility of eating even more chocolate than usual. (We’re a traditional lot.) But there’s a range of great ways you can use DrinksWorks to your advantage at the most magical time of the year…. here’s a few of our favourites!

  1. Some Sparkling ‘Secco

    Nothing says holidays like bubbles, right? But there’s also nothing that can beat DrinksWorks ‘Secco with its delicate, fruity flavour, perfect for every Christmas pub occasion: whether you’re supplying a rowdy office Christmas party with their reward for a good year’s work or enjoying a quiet glass at the end of your own long night working. And DrinksWorks ‘Secco is a brilliant option both environmentally and financially: being on tap means that it’s easy to serve, leaves no endless clean up of bottles, and stays fresh for up to 4-6 weeks!
  2. The Works Mixers

    Christmas is when everyone wants to spoil themselves, and there’s no better way to lift your cocktail game for both your bartenders and your customers than by adding The Works Range to your best spirits. These specially tailored mixers – Cola, Tonic, and Lemonade – have been made with the purpose of cocktails in mind: they have subtle, underutilised flavours that will bring out the best of everything from your finest herbiest gins to your sharpest vodkas. And stay tuned for a couple of our very favourite Christmas cocktails…
  3. The Softer, Safer Option

    Christmas is a merry time, but it’s also a good time to encourage your customers to be safe and look out for one another – particularly in encouraging them to keep to one designated sober driver per group. Christmas should be a time of happiness, not tragedy. At DrinksWorks we’re firmly committed to keeping that true – so make sure to show off your appealing DrinksWorks alcohol free options, whether they be our delicious soft drinks or the freshest juices. There’s no reason for a sober night out to be boring when you’re drinking DrinksWorks!