Refined sugar and granulated sugar on white background

Get Savvy About Sugar

The sugar tax debate has been raging in the UK and, indeed, the world over the last few years and shows no sign of stopping anytime soon. On the 30th of November last year, the Government announced that they had “no plans to introduce a tax on sugar-sweetened beverages”. But far from putting an end to debate, the statement has only made both camps, neither of them particularly sweet themselves, more embedded and righteous in their remarks.

As a soft drinks supplier, we face an interesting place within this debate. Obviously it’s unlikely that any tax introduced on, say, a soft drink can with added sugar would affect us. But it will inevitably affect both our industry and our world, in a good and bad way.

DrinksWorks has long had a history of engaging in social and health concerns, and making sure that we’re at the cutting edge of “soft drink safety”, as it were. It’s been over two years since we renewed our focus on supplying high quality drinks, with a conscious avoidance of aspartame and the Southampton Six, along with other potentially dangerous additives. Additionally, we have an ethical and local approach, sticking wherever we can to flavoursome, UK-grown ingredients.

So we want to join in the sugar debate, to explore both sides of the story, discover what a potential sugar tax would mean for the drinks industry and what it would mean for wider society. We’re proud to live in a country built on intelligent conversation by people who disagree with each other. Over the next few weeks, we’ll be unfolding a series of blogs as we attempt to ‘get savvy about sugar’, discussing the science behind sugar, the pros-and-cons of both sides, and the real impact it could have on the industry.

We’re not sure we’ll come up with the perfect answer…. but we’re so excited to be part of the conversation.

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