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Summer in the south west: Old favourites, new twists

It’s easy to sink into a summer daze in the middle of Bristol’s long heatwaves: finding one favourite place, drink, nibble, outfit, and sticking to it defiantly for the season. We know the feeling: summer is the lazy season for a reason, and there’s nothing better than enjoying being lazy in it. But just to keep you from getting stagnant, here are a few easy new twists you can add to jazz up your summer…

Day Trips

There’s no need to flee the UK to manage a nice little holiday. Before you head to your local, considering stretching your legs and going just a little further afield. Just a short trip from Bristol are a range of amazing places to wander in Gloucester, Somerset, South Wales, and the Cotswolds. And there’s plenty of places to wet your thirst once you’re done. Visit some DrinksWorks favourites – WOW Bar in Cardiff is always great for a party night out, or if you’re in for something more lowkey, the Squire Inn in Chipping Sodbury has a beautiful relaxed vibe with some of the best food we’ve tasted.

Works Up Your Drink

It’s easy to fall in love with a cool beer during the summer. But all those calories add up; besides which, a change is better than a rest, right? Try out some new combinations – we particularly recommend going down the fruit juice route, as there’s nothing better than a fruit cocktail; that spike of lovely healthy fructose sugar, the delicious flavours of real fruit, and an additional bonus in form of your favourite spirit.

Check that your pub stocks DrinksWorks Signature Fruit Juice range for the very best of fruity mixers!

Find New Watering Holes

Psst, did you know the south west is a hotbed of amazing wild swimming spots? If you’re getting sick of the drive to the beach, or bored of the public pool, check your map and find the best lake or river near you. There’s hundreds of beautiful spots along the south west where you can cool off in unique style. And luckily, there’s normally a pub or two hidden round the corner for when you’re done.